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The C. Louis Meyer Family Foundation was created to further public welfare through the relief of poverty and suffering, the advancement of education, the promotion of health, and the extension of the influence of religion.


The Foundation will not be involved, directly or indirectly, with political causes or the influence of legislation. The Foundation was formed in 1946 by C. Louis Meyer and Mary Luman Meyer. Since its inception, the Trustees of the Foundation have, for the most part, been direct descendants of the Founders. The Founders believed that the combined judgment of several trustees would contribute to both to the quality of investment decisions and the determination of the beneficiaries.


The Foundation will continue to identify philanthropic organizations where its support can have an important and measurable effect. Consequently, grants will tend to be made to smaller organizations located in areas where trustees reside, including, but not limited to the Sandhills area of North Carolina, South Carolina and the Greater Chicago-land area.

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